- Industrial design and construction

Type of construction

  • Assembly lines
  • single-purpose machines
  • design elements
  • body and other shape-complicated surfaces
  • supporting structures and equipment




  • production process analysis
  • checking solutions already proposed, whether they will work, or optimizing them
  • design a unique solution
  • creating a 3D concept
  • gross strength and weight analysis
  • basic force, static and dynamic calculations
  • attachment and supplied parts and bearings
  • calculations of drive implementation
  • calculations and implementation of transfers
  • a single 3D device build
  • calculation of load-bearing capacity of connecting elements
  • strength analysis of the finished model
  • checking standards, preparing for CE
  • model optimization  to reduce production cost
  • client consultation
  • drawing documentation, individual parts, welded assemblies, assembly sets
  • testing
  • patent research
  • patent applications
  • 3D Realistic Visualizations
  • 3D animation and simulation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKjzmD276hA


Design parameters



  • functionality
  • ergonomics
  • security
  • material savings
  • low-cost production (mainly baking-bent sheets)


Proposal, design and creation of new prototypes.


Using state-of-the-art computer systems, we can design a new product prototype or redesign the old one. We take care of ergonomics, functionality and economy and the type of material. Software products are tested for action forces. In cooperation with the Slovak Technical University in Trnava we can use various advanced measurements and new production technologies. 


Some of our design solutions are here >>>, or industrial design here >>>


Drawing documentation

To Creating Drawing Documentation from Backgrounds, or 3D CAD CAM Models from Documentation.
We use state-of-the-art CAD systems. The resulting format can be processed by any CAD, CAM, CAE, CAA, CAPP system.


We can do visualization of the product using state-of-the-art visualization software. More here.


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